Playtech Casino Keno

Though Keno with without any doubt one of the most popular of the various online casino games, most of the keno games software that is available give the players only one particular variant of casinos at their particular websites However, there are some exceptions to this role and there are a company and its software known by the name Playtech which provides more than one variant of keno. In fact, it is known that this company has been providing three variants of online keno games for its players. The three keno games online are Keno Xperiment, Keno and lastly Fortune Keno. Since the players have three options to choose from, their chances of winning go up by quite a few notches. Added to this there are a number of online casino games which offer free keno games which include the above three variants of keno.

However, as a player, you should be awake and alert to this fact and try and find out the various casinos that offer these free online keno games which have the above three variants of Playtech keno games. However, before playing online these different variants of keno games, it would be necessary for the players to understand how the different variants are played and what are the rules governing the same.

The simple and unique feature of the different variants of Playtech keno best casino games is that it allows the players to mark numbers in the ticket in the range 2 to 10. On the other hand, other software allows 15 such numbers to be marked. However, the payout in all the three variants is the same and the upper limit is restricted to around 10000 USD. This happens when all the ten numbers are a market and there are also ten perfect hits. These rules are the same across free keno games as well as the regular keno games.